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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Who is Esau Cairn?

The 'real' Esau Cairn is the protagonist in the book Almuric, a short novel by Robert Howard. Cairn shares many characteristics with Howard's most famous literary creation, Conan the Cimmerian. Like Conan, he is large, powerful, startlingly fast, and determined to meet most challenges head first. Unlike Conan, he does begin his travels by choice, he is not a skilled leader, and he does not spend his wealth on wine, women, and gambling. While Almuric is a fun read, Esau Cairn is just flat out less interesting than Conan and most of Howard's other literary heroes.

I picked the handle because I enjoy almost every writing of Howard's that I have found. On the other hand, I don't want to devote the blog solely to Howard. So Esau Cairn lets me pay tribute in a somewhat obscure way. And I get to live vicariously with idle daydreams of being a hulking, muscular, graceful brute instead of the stereotypical clumsy, pudgy modern American that I am.

As to the author of this blog? I'm just another fool on the internet that enjoys babbling about nothing in particular, and attaches far more importance to his own opinion than it deserves.


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